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Pet Care Services

Now Doodle's Pet Grooming offers pet care services at our own location. Feel free to let us take care of your pet with love, high safety standards, and all the comforts it may require. Our pet care service operates 7 days a week. Join our family today.

Our staff members have enough experience to provide care for your pet for as long as you need, our plans are tailored to your needs. Do not hesitate to contact us to get a quote for your pet's stay at our facilities.

The price of our service is based on the size of your pet and its temperament. Below you will find general pricing information.

Small Dog:  $35

Medium-sized dog: $40

Big dog: $40 - $60


Our full grooming package includes haircuts, tooth brushing, ear cleaning, nail trimming, among other services that will make your pet look radiant.

Our grooming services are provided with the assistance of our staff at your preferred location, no lines, no waiting, our time is exclusive to you.

The price of our grooming services varies according to the size of your pet, below you can find general pricing information.

Small Dog:  $85 - 90$

Medium-sized dog: $90 - $120

Big dog: $120 - $160

We come to you!

No drive - no lines - no wait.

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